Areas of law

Overview of the legal areas of H2W Criminal Law in Berlin

Criminal law is complex, requires experience and affects everyone. That’s why our specialist law firm in Berlin specializes exclusively in criminal law. As a company and as a private person – we stand by your side individually and as a team and defend you and your rights.

Criminal law is our profession and our calling

Criminal law is extensive and is divided into numerous individual areas. Everywhere, profound legal knowledge and extensive experience are needed for efficiently advising, representing and defending private individuals and companies. As specialist attorneys and criminal defense attorneys, we have the extensive expertise and experience to successfully handle all stages of criminal proceedings. Depending on the circumstances, timely advice can prevent criminal proceedings from being initiated in advance. If this is not possible or if criminal proceedings have already been initiated against you or your company, they can often be brought to a good end at the preliminary stage with the necessary knowledge and expert approach, so court hearings never have to start .

If a court hearing cannot be avoided or cannot be avoided under reasonable conditions, we are here to support you one hundred percent and to protect your rights. Defense in criminal proceedings is our profession and our calling. We rely on our experience in countless criminal proceedings and thousands of trial days for your case.

Core competencies in commercial and criminal tax law

Commercial and criminal tax law are our core competencies. Defense in criminal commercial law requires knowledge of all areas of commercial law, especially tax law and labor law, but also, for example, foreign trade law, pharmaceutical law, social law, environmental law and many other, sometimes very special, areas. Our attorneys have this knowledge and are able to provide forward-looking advice to companies in addition to defense in criminal law cases. Above all, however, we know when it is time to include specialists in a case and to form a powerful, interdisciplinary team from our broad network.

Health care - medical and criminal medical law as well as criminal nursing law

Health care is an area in which we have particular expertise. We are available to advise and defend doctors, clinics, institutions and people in the care sector, pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacists and other players in the health care sector.

While individual areas of criminal law show a downward trend, the number of criminal allegations is increasing in all areas of the health care system. These include offenses such as negligent bodily harm, failure to provide assistance, medical euthanasia and breach of confidentiality.

Detailed expertise in labor and criminal labor protection law

The team of attorneys at H2W also covers labor and criminal labor protection law in addition to the areas of law mentioned. This area includes both allegations against the employee, such as suspected fraud, and allegations against the employer, such as violations of the illegal employment law or allegations in connection with accidents at work.

Criminal narcotics law - rarely a minor issue

Experienced attorneys are also available at H2W for criminal narcotics law and the associated complex case law. If you have any questions about personal consumption or allegations of importation and distribution, we will defend you and ensure that you do not suffer any wrong.

Criminal environmental law requires experts

In criminal environmental law, it is important to know the complex regulations and standards of European law and to be able to relate them to one another. In addition, criminal environmental law is characterized by criminal, fines and administrative regulations that are closely interwoven.

Specialists in criminal insolvency law

If a company becomes insolvent or over-indebted, the public prosecutor's office and tax investigations are often not far. In addition to economic, tax and insolvency law, criminal law protection and, if necessary, insolvency defense are necessary. The serious financial and professional consequences that can be associated with convictions under insolvency law require the early involvement of specialists such as the attorneys from H2W.

Further services related to criminal law

We advise, support and defend you and your rights, even if you are a witness in criminal proceedings, committees of inquiry or other criminal proceedings.

Even if you are the victim of criminal offenses, in particular if you have suffered financial loss through embezzlement or fraud, we will exercise your rights, carry out the corresponding internal investigations in your company and, in particular, protect you against allegations of possible criminal offenses by your co-workers. In addition, you will also find targeted support in the area of compliance at H2W.