Law Office

Well-founded defense in criminal commercial and tax law and general criminal law together with an agile and client-centered consulting practice.

“Everything that can be thought at all can be thought clearly. Everything that can be pronounced can be clearly pronounced”
(Ludwig Wittgenstein – Proposition 4.116)

Modern solutions for contemporary criminal law:

We pride ourselves on our high specialization in criminal law. Broad communicative, legal, economic and interdisciplinary skills are our foundation.
Criminal defense is combat – and has rightly been the principle for the successful protection of your rights and your person for decades. But that is no longer the whole story today.

Modern criminal defense is more. We offer more:

H2W combines well-founded defense in commercial and tax criminal law as well as in general criminal law with an agile, modern and client-centered methodology. Criminal defense requires speed, precision, communication and cooperation to be successful.

We advise in criminal law because we also know how to defend clients:

The criminal law consulting practice at H2W is based on experience from countless criminal proceedings and main hearings. A compliance program can protect, while a legal opinion can relieve the management in case of emergency. Only attorneys who know from courtroom experience how investigating authorities and courts really think can reliably deliver criminal law consulting products.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts:

H2W is a flexible, powerful unit. Lone fighters may compete for you when it comes to classic individual defense. But we immediately form a powerful team when your company is searched and your entire business model is at risk. We immediately bring specialists on board if the expertise of other disciplines is required or may be useful.