Criminal trials

We are specialist attorneys for criminal law: Our passion is providing defense in criminal proceedings

As a Berlin law firm specializing in criminal law, we defend and advise private individuals and companies in all phases of criminal proceedings – and, if necessary, well in advance. The attorneys in our firm have expertise and experience from literally thousands of criminal proceedings – we know how to conduct criminal proceedings.

Often it is possible to avoid a court hearing completely and to achieve a quick and discreet end to the criminal proceedings during the preliminary investigation. With the right timing and excellent legal knowledge, we can silently solve criminal law problems.

Also at your side during trials

If a trial cannot be avoided, you will benefit from our experience as defense counsel in court. Careful preparation, a coherent strategy and precise knowledge of criminal procedural law are, in addition to the necessary assertiveness, our core skills to ensure optimal results for you.

Search, property seizure, custody – quick action in preliminary investigations

The law enforcement authorities can take drastic measures during a preliminary investigation that have serious financial and personal consequences – even if there is no conviction. Advice from a specialist attorney is therefore advisable as early as possible or preventively.

Since the related reform in 2017, the “freezing” of accounts and assets have increased significantly in order to keep secure asset seizures.
In addition to drastic asset-seizure measures, searches are often carried out in residential and business premises, the result of which is above all to disrupt the operations of companies over the long term: All documents that are considered important for the procedure are secured and taken away by the police (Section 94, 98 StPO). Confiscated objects and documents are regularly withheld for the duration of the criminal proceedings, which in complex cases can take several years.
All of the company’s IT systems are regularly affected by the search, computers are confiscated or at least copied in a time-consuming process, and external servers are searched, which also hampers operations.
The most drastic measure in the preliminary investigation is pre-trial detention. In this situation, too, we are there to provide you and your relatives with expert advice.

Discreet and effective: You are in good hands with us

Client mandates and professional law oblige us to the utmost discretion. We work extremely discreetly and therefore almost always under the radar of press coverage and public attention. Regardless of whether you are CEO or a private person: We bring pending criminal proceedings to an end silently and, if at all possible, without public attention. That is why you will not hear much about us in public reports.