Criminal commercial law

Criminal commercial law and criminal tax law are our core competencies

Our attorneys focus on criminal commercial and tax law. Our proven specialization and many years of experience in this particular area of crime enable us to provide strategic consulting and defense expertise with beyond the boundaries of pure criminal law. That is because the area of criminal commercial law is often closely interwoven with other national and international areas of law.
Criminal commercial law expertise therefore also means in-depth knowledge of non-criminal legal matters (examples: civil law, especially labor law, company law, commercial law, liability law, tax law, accounting law, social law, competition law, antitrust law, public law, etc.)

Defense, advocacy and advice to companies regarding white-collar crime

For decades we have been defending private individuals and companies in all stages of criminal proceedings, i.e. in preliminary and interim proceedings as well as in public trials in court. Very often, however, our mandate and advice begin long before criminal investigations are initiated.

Company representatives such as board members, supervisory boards, managing directors, operations managers or authorized signatories are often clients of defense attorneys. Companies entrust us with criminal law advice and / or with safeguarding their interests or defending them in ongoing criminal proceedings.

Particularly important in our work is the coordination of various individual defenses for various employees before and during ongoing criminal proceedings in the interests of the company that hired us.

In addition, we are regularly commissioned by other commercial law firms, tax consultants or auditing companies and support them with our criminal law know-how as experienced white-collar criminal attorneys.

Preventive advice

Another focus of our work is preventive criminal law advice for managers and companies. Often it is about avoiding criminal risks and about protecting the interests of companies or private individuals vis-à-vis the investigative authorities, the press or the public. In addition, our law firm’s specialist attorneys provide expert opinions and carry out risk assessments.

Criminal commercial law with international relevance / international network of our law firm

In a modern world, economic relationships, payment flows and the movement of goods no longer stop at national borders – and neither do criminal investigations by various national or foreign authorities!

The specialist attorneys in our law firm have many years of in-depth experience in international proceedings, cross-border investigations, foreign criminal proceedings, mutual legal assistance proceedings and transnational advice and representation in criminal commercial law with a foreign component.

We regularly cooperate with leading and renowned attorneys, tax consultants and auditors in Germany and abroad or are contracted by them.

Our attorneys have particular expertise and experience in allegations of foreign corruption (in particular with reference to the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia as well as with reference to the USA and Great Britain). In addition to English, we can also advise our clients in Russian, Spanish and Danish.

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