International Criminal Law and Law of the Execution of Sentences

Criminal law is becoming more international - so is the defense

The world is also moving closer together in the area of criminal law and institutions such as Europol, Interpol and Eurojust are playing an increasingly important role in the everyday life of criminal defense. The jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights is thereby gaining in importance for German criminal law as well.

Within the European Union, cooperation in the area of law enforcement and criminal prosecution has been intensified through various legal acts in recent years.

In addition, there are a large number of extradition treaties with states outside the European Union, which require a careful examination of the individual case.

Regardless of whether our clients are imprisoned abroad, are to be extradited or wish to have their sentences enforced in their home country, H2W Criminal Law handles the case competently and with good contacts to international colleagues.

Extradition and international agreements

The extradition of persons imprisoned in Germany is governed by the provisions of the Law on International Mutual Legal Assistance (IRG). The law refers to a large number of extradition treaties and European regulations and standardizes the legal protection options in the event of arrest.

Constitutional and human rights aspects often play a role in the question of extradition and require precise knowledge of case law and argumentation tailored to the client's situation. Efficient cooperation with our colleagues abroad plays a decisive role in this regard, which we take into account through excellent contacts and appropriate language skills.

European Arrest Warrant - Europe Grows Together

Within the EU in particular, extradition procedures for both law enforcement and prosecution are very common - the flip side of open borders is the ability to be arrested anywhere in the Union at any time.

In 2018 alone, over 17,000 European arrest warrants were issued in the EU.

In doing so, authorities do not limit themselves to serious crimes: A European arrest warrant is not uncommon even for petty and medium crimes such as damage to property and theft; around 15% of all EU arrest warrants are issued for these offenses.

Regardless of whether you are arrested abroad or in Germany with the threat of extradition, we are swiftly and competently at your side in matters relating to EU arrest warrants.

Execution abroad

European law not only provides opportunities for prosecution of convicts and suspects, but also facilitates in the field of cooperation in enforcement matters.

A convicted person is entitled to serve his sentence at his place of residence, regardless of his nationality and the place of his conviction: with the right legal support, an Austrian convicted in Poland can serve his sentence at his family's place of residence in Belgium, thus minimizing the social consequences of imprisonment.

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