Advice on register law

As lawyers specializing in criminal law and experienced compliance consultants for companies, we know that in the event of a criminal conviction, but also in the context of regulatory decisions (for example fine, fines), there may be further, additional risks of considerable scope.

On the one hand, this concerns the accused, i.e., private individuals, for example, with regard to

  • the commercial central register, in particular the commercial reliability, which is a prerequisite for commercial activity,
  • .

  • the ability to be allowed to continue managing director / board (see about § 6 GmbHG)
  • .

  • the Federal Central Register, the certificate of good conduct et cetera,
  • .

but just also affected companies. Here threatens in particular

  • the entry of the company and its responsible persons in the so-called competition register or
  • .

  • the entry in so-called corruption registers at the level of the federal states,
  • .

resulting in the company being excluded from the award of public tenders.

We defend and advise defendants and companies in criminal proceedings or in proceedings under administrative offence law on the merits and also with regard to the ancillary consequences under register law comprehensively, with commitment and with foresight from the outset.

If an entry in the register cannot be prevented, our goal from the outset is to achieve an early deletion ("erasure") of the entry from, for example, the competition register/corruption registers. Already far before a feared conviction or fine decision one can and must set for this crucial course and do preliminary work

For further information, please have a look at our legal areas section, where you will find in particular our topic page on the competition register, exclusion from public tenders and the so-called corruption registers.